Board of Trustees

TCI  has  a  board  comprised  of  members  from  a  wide  variety  of  backgrounds  (theologians,  pastors,  professionals,  etc. from both Ukraine and the United States)  which  collaboratively  makes  decisions  on  major  issues  pertaining  to  TCI. 

The Board of TCI believes in generative governance.  Though the board must also operate in the financial oversight and strategic modes, it is critical for our board to operate in the generative governance mode. 

In the generative mode, the board’s central purpose is to be a source of leadership for TCI. The board «decides what to decide»; discerns challenges and opportunities; and probes the assumptions, logic and values behind strategies. It is always asking how an idea “fits with our mission?»

Active Board of Trustees:

Evgeniy Bondarenko – Board Chairman; Senior Pastor, Chaplinka Church, Ukraine

Dan Crosley – Missions Pastor; White River Christian Church, Noblesville, USA

Jim Meyer – Plainfield Christian Church, USA

Sergey Moroz – Senior Pastor; Lugansk Region Bishop; Vice-President of Church Union, Ukraine

Ghennadiy Nebeskul – Associate Pastor; Ostrov Christian Church, Ukraine

Yakov Savenko – Pastor; Kherson Christian Church, Ukraine

Pavel Smolyakov– Associate Pastor; Kherson Region Bishop, Ukraine

Anatoliy Shkarin – Senior Pastor; Church Union President, Ukraine

Scott Weber – Senior Pastor; Connected Life Christian Church, Boca Raton, USA

Valeriy Yurchenko – Businessman; Kherson, Ukraine

Valentin Zhuravlev – Senior Pastor; Melitopol, Ukraine