The idea to create a Christian education establishment in Kherson arose due to the clear understanding of a need for well-educated ministers of local churches. A group of initiators started to work in the fall of 1996 and less than in a year, in August of 1997, the institute was officially registered.

The founder of TCI was Evangelical Christian Baptist Churches Union of the Kherson Region. The institute started with two programs for full time students — Christian Education and Christian Leadership. A part time program opened two years later. In 1999, TCI joined Euro-Asian Accreditation Association of Evangelical schools and started the process of its programs accreditation. In June 2000, the first graduation took place. In 2004, the first two programs got their accreditations.

Today TCI unites almost 230 students from four different countries of former Soviet Union (Ukraine and three countries in Asia). It is a big Christian family, consisting of people who differ in age, character, upbringing and interests, but who are united by the common purpose — serving Christ fruitfully. There are church pastors, missionaries, evangelists, and leaders of other ministries here. In addition, church youth, who committed their lives to the Lord and are willing to get good training in order to fulfill their commitment, attend TCI.

Today TCI is real proof of the reality of Christians crossing denominational boundaries and collaboration. It is also a valid reason towards the idea of church leaders’ education necessity.