Other Ministries

Community Transformation

The Gospel transforms the heart of the individual. The Gospel can also transform communities. Throughout Eastern Europe and Central Asia communities of believers and non-believers are struggling. Great poverty ruins people’s lives and churches even more than persecution. Focusing on the 10/40 Window, TCI has initiated many programs that strategically help to transform communities through Ministry and Business.

Ministry Support

  • Training pastors for the unique skills necessary for prison ministry
  • Actively supporting a ministry that manufactures pressed bricks for heating refugee’s homes who survived Russia/Georgia War in 2008
  • TCI students have a significant influence in the community through organizing sports ministries (soccer ministry, sports clubs for children).
  • TCI together with the partners provided more than 100 electronic libraries for pastors who minister in the areas that have limited access to Christian education and in the areas where churches are persecuted.

There are many more practical ministries. More than TCI has resources to support. Please contact us if you have a desire to help support more ministry initiatives.