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Muslim Outreach: A Unique Challenge and a Unique Opportunity

Ukraine’s geographic location in the world gives TCI a strategic advantage to reach into other countries where few organizations can access. For over 15 years, TCI has leveraged this opportunity to work in Islamic countries that are closed to the Gospel.

  • Working in a closed country brings high risk. TCI representatives work in countries where the legal systems are quite strict for sharing the Gospel.
  • TCI’s strategy analyzes and refines our methods of ministry in Islamic countries. For example, since the Christian literature has become outlawed and many Christian libraries were eliminated, TCI worked with the partners to develop and distribute electronic libraries and net books to local pastors in closed countries.  
  • To be prepared for the unique challenges ahead, TCI started organizing a research center for the study of Islam that will:

o   Equip with interpersonal skills the Ukrainian Christians who are involved in the ministry to Muslims so that their work is highly effective.

o   Collect a library and other resources that will help in reaching Muslims and starting relations with them.

o   Encourage the church to preach the Gospel to Muslims who live close to it.

o   Provide legal aid to Christians in closed countries.